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Solvent free method of producing calcium and magnesium salt - urea crystalline compounds
Invention Title: “Solvent-free Method of Producing Calcium and Magnesium Salt - Urea Crystalline Compounds” IDF No.: LU-050317-01 Lead Inventor: Jonas Baltrusaitis, PhD Faculty Website Department: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Patent Status: PCT/US2018/047215 Summary: This invention describes a process of preparing calcium...
Published: 12/20/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jonas Baltrusaitis, Kenneth Honer, Jane McCann
Category(s): Chemicals & Materials Science, Chemical, Chemistry
A Microfluidic Device with Microscale Wavy Pattern for Efficient Capturing of Circulating Tumor Cells
SUMMARYLehigh University has developed a wavy micropatterned microfluidic device for capturing circulating tumor cells from whole blood with high efficiency, selectivity and throughput. A capturing agent is immobilized on the substrate that can selectively capture circulating tumor cells while not interacting with other cells present in the whole blood....
Published: 5/20/2014   |   Inventor(s): Yaling Liu, Shu Yang, Yi Liu
Keywords(s): Blood, Microfluidics
Category(s): Materials and Nanotechnology, Chemicals & Materials Science, Green Construction > Life Sciences
New Reagents for C4F8 Transfer that Eliminates the Use of Hazardous C2F4
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed new (perfluoroalkyl)metallacyclic zinc reagents that could be used in applications to transfer sequential difluoromethylene groups to organic, inorganic, and organometallic substrates. The accompanying methods to prepare the new zinc reagents have also been developed by the university. Known synthetic routes...
Published: 5/20/2014   |   Inventor(s): David Vicic
Category(s): Chemical, Chemicals & Materials Science, Chemistry
A Compact Apparatus for a Miniaturized Medical Oxygen Concentrator (MOC)
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed a device that generates 90% purity oxygen. The application of this portable miniature oxygen concentrator can fit into the medical market such as for use in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the energy market and in other market segments where miniaturization of ambient air is required. The most...
Published: 4/15/2014   |   Inventor(s): Mayuresh Kothare, Shivaji Sircar, Rama Rao Vemula
Category(s): Chemicals & Materials Science