A computerized image interpretation tool and a data-based “multimodal” system for making a diagnosis decision in cervical screenings


It may not be long before medical workers without access to a lab can get a diagnosis for cervical cancer by dialing it in---literally.  This invention would make the reading of cervical images available to a clinician possessing nothing more than a cell phone. Medical personnel can take a cervical image with a camera or a cell phone and send the photo to our server via a mobile network and obtain a diagnosis instantly.  The invention also has a “multi-modal” system that allows making a diagnosis decision based on multiple sources of information including but not limited to images, Pap Smear, HPV test, age and pH; when used in this multi-modal mode, the accuracy of cervix interpretation is higher than using any single modality alone.


Lehigh Tech ID# 083013-01



Medical supplies, devices and technology, cervix screenings, cervical image interpretation, cervical dysplasia diagnosis, cervical cancer detection, adjunctive test to cervical screening, low-cost test, mobile health.



Lehigh University is initially interested in identifying industry partners to co-develop the technology, ultimately leading to licensing.

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Provisional [PR] United States 61/933,044 1/29/2014   1/29/2015
Software and Computer
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