Supercapacitive Swing Adsorption



Lehigh University has developed a new approach to sorption based gas separation using supercapacitive swing adsorption (SSA). This approach is advantageous over traditional gas separation techniques as it avoids the need of pressure and temperature changes. Reusable supercapacitive energy is utilized to achieve gas separation suggesting substantially reduced cost.  This development has real potential for transformative impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and is energy efficient, simple, and reversible.


Lehigh Tech ID# 041111-01



The International Energy Agency has identified reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as an “untapped market.” Gathered statistics from the agency indicated thus far the US has released nearly 6 billion tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Assuming a price of $20 per ton, the world market size for carbon capture exceeds $90 billion. [1] By 2012, the carbon capture market is expected to reach $236 billion growing at a compound annual growth rate of 21.8%. [2]


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Lehigh University is interested in identifying co-development partners leading to licensing.    

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Patent Cooperation Treaty [PCT] United States PCT/US2012/034096 4/18/2012   10/20/2013
Utility United States 14/112,666 2/3/2014    
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