Hybrid Cancer Drug Delivery System with Regulated Activation and Drug Release by the Tumor


Lehigh University has developed a novel cancer drug delivery system with regulated activation and drug release triggered by the tumor microenvironment. This hybrid inorganic-peptide material exhibits high biocompatibility and stability and is capable of selective activation in the tumor microenvironment. This provides a system whose properties a can be tailored for a specific cancer type. The advantages of the technology include repose to specific factors for a truly tailored material, ability to control drug release through multiple independent activation mechanisms, and the technology offers a generalized strategy to multiple forms of cancer.


Lehigh Tech ID#092111-01



There is still an unmet need in the oncology industry for durable, cost effective therapies that target the tumor and are specific to that kind of cancer.  The major driver of this market is said to derive from targeted treatments with a market size of over $19.4 billion growing over 6% annually. These new developments are fostering growth in the pharmaceutical market as a whole and,   despite the economic downturn, government sources are still increasing funding toward cancer research to allow for sustained development.



Lehigh University is currently looking for co-development support for this technology leading to licensing.

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Provisional [PR] United States 61/588,049 1/18/2012   1/18/2013
Life Sciences
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