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Circular Plasmonic Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed a compact plasmonic Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) integrated on a microfluidic chip for highly sensitive optical biosensing. This technique combines nanoplasmonic architecture and sensitive interferometric techniques on a compact sensing platform for enhanced refractive index sensitivity. The inventors ...
Published: 4/21/2016   |   Inventor(s): Filbert Bartoli, Qiaoqiang Gan
Category(s): Engineering, Software and Computer
Microfluidic Concentrator for Label-Free, Continuous Nanoparticle Processing
SUMMARY Microfluidic sample concentration devices enable a departure from expensive centrifugation devices and immobile processes that are used presently to concentrate and capture targeted nanoparticles. Because of their ability to significantly reduce sample size and enable sensitive and rapid detection systems, microfluidic sample concentration ...
Published: 12/3/2015   |   Inventor(s): Xuanhong Cheng, Chao Zhou, Alparslan Oztekin
Category(s): Biomaterials, Materials and Nanotechnology, Software and Computer
Modular Control Flow Integrity for Hardening Software Applications
SUMMARYSoftware to combat data piracy and hacking is important in ensuring securesoftware solutions. Hardening is the process of securing software by reducingits vulnerability to potential threats. There are a variety of techniques toharden applications including strong encryption, firewalls, intrusion-detectionsystems, and highly sophisticated hac...
Published: 8/3/2015   |   Inventor(s): Gang Tan, Ben Niu
Category(s): Software and Computer
A computerized image interpretation tool and a data-based “multimodal” system for making a diagnosis decision in cervical screenings
SUMMARYIt may not be long before medical workers without access to a lab can get a diagnosis for cervical cancer by dialing it in---literally. This invention would make the reading of cervical images available to a clinician possessing nothing more than a cell phone. Medical personnel can take a cervical image with a camera or a cell phone and sen...
Published: 5/20/2014   |   Inventor(s): Xiaolei Huang, Edward Kim, Dezhao Song, L. Rodney Long, Sameer Antani
Category(s): Software and Computer
Leading Indicators - Demand Characterization for Short Life-Cycle Technology Products
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed an algorithm capable of forecasting demand for high tech products with short life cycles. The algorithm can be included as part of a commercial capacity planning system, working as integral part of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by SAP, ORACLE, or PeopleSoft. It can also be implemented as an intern...
Published: 2/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): S. David Wu
Keywords(s): Software Development, Supply Chain Management
Category(s): Software and Computer