Process for the Preparation of Aqueous Dispersions of Particles of Water-Soluble Polymers and the Particles Obtained


The invention is a process for the preparation of crosslinked water-swellable polymer particles. First, an aqueous polymer solution containing a water-soluble polymer having at least one functional group or charge, is combined with aqueous medium. The aqueous polymer solution is then mixed under moderate agitation with an oil medium and an emulsifier to form an emulsion of droplets of the water-soluble polymer. A crosslinking agent capable of crosslinking the functional groups and/or charges in the water-soluble polymer is then added to the emulsion to form crosslinked water-swellable polymer particles. The invention also includes the particles formed by the process and aqueous dispersions containing the particles which are useful for administering to an individual. The particles of the invention are useful for implantation, soft tissue augmentation, and scaffolding to promote cell growth.


Lehigh TechID# 050100-01

  • correction of wrinkles and other skin defects
  • treatment of urinary incontinence and vesicoureteral reflux
  • hard/soft tissue augmentation/replacement


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