Interferometer for Optical Sensing (Technology # 042209-01)


Interferometry is one of the most sensitive optical interrogation methods known and has been used to screen molecular interactions in surface binding modes. This technology is an advancement on this science. Lehigh University has developed an optical biosensor for detecting small amounts of chemical or biochemical agents in a biological medium. The interferometer has ultrahigh sensitive optical sensing and can be easily used for array integration into a compact and high throughput biosensor system on a chip. Recent developments have improved the signal to noise measurements and improvements have been made on the design to allow for compact multiplex sensing. Future work is focused on illumination schemes for two dimensional sensing.


This interferometer combines high sensitivity with high portability, making it ideal for applications where mobility is important. This technology opens up the opportunity for large advancements in label-free biosensing, actuation, and control.


Lehigh TechID# 042209-01



The worldwide market for biosensors was $6.72 billion in 2009, growing at an annual rate of over 11% until 2016, where it is estimated to reach $14.42 billion. [1] Applications for biosensors are growing, increasing demand and revenues for these technologies. [2] There is also a push in the market for miniaturized biosensor devices in order to integrate them into portable systems, providing a window of opportunity for new technologies entering the market with such an “on-chip” focus. [3]



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