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Transparent Plasmonic Nanogrid Electrodes for Absorption Enhancement in Thin-film Organic Photovoltaics
SUMMARY Within solar cells the research focus is on decreasing cost, increasing efficiency and increasing the lifetime to make them competitive to fossil fuels. One of the ways to accomplish these objectives are to decrease the size and processing required but there has been issues with absorption while attempting certain methods. In addition, indium...
Published: 10/1/2015   |   Inventor(s): Filbert Bartoli, Beibei Zeng
Keywords(s): Nanoporous, Nanotechnology, Optical Elements
Category(s): Electronics
Dilute-As AINAs Semiconductor Material for Ultraviolet Emitters
SUMMARY In this invention, a new material that is capable of producing light in the ultraviolet band of the electromagnetic spectrum has been developed. The material developed consists of a small amount of dilute As (Arsenic) in AlNAs (Aluminum-Nitride-Arsenic) material and is called dilute-As AlNAs alloy. This material has many unique properties that...
Published: 8/24/2015   |   Inventor(s): Nelson Tansu, Chee-Keong Tan
Category(s): Optical Networking and Sensors, Optics, Electronics
Precision Alignment Of Optoelectronic Devices
SUMMARYThis technology describes a method of quickly and accurately aligning precision optical components. Lehigh Tech ID#050597-01 THE MARKETThis technology would be useful to any application that requires quick and efficient alignment of optical equipment.  THE OPPORTUNITYLehigh University is currently looking to license this technology.
Published: 4/30/2013   |   Inventor(s): Mark Beranek
Category(s): Electronics, Optical Networking and Sensors
Monolithic High Voltage Impulse Amplifier Using HBT
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed a method for circuit design for amplifying short impulses using monolithic HBT technology. HBT has the desirable characteristics of high transit frequency (fT) and breakdown voltage for the generation of high power at radio and microwave frequencies. In normal operation the generated power is lower than expected...
Published: 2/14/2013   |   Inventor(s): James Hwang, Subrata Halder, Renfeng Jin
Keywords(s): Communications, Electrical
Category(s): Electronics
Fiber Optic Connector With Micro-Alignable Sensing Fiber And Associated Fabrication Method
SUMMARY A fiber optic connector and an associated fabrication method where the connector has a connector housing having a base side, a and pair of sidewalls upstanding from the base side that are spaced apart in relation to each other, and each of the housing sidewalls define at least one aperture through which optical signals can be transmitted into...
Published: 10/3/2012   |   Inventor(s): John Haake
Keywords(s): Optical Elements, Optics
Category(s): Electronics, Optical Networking and Sensors
Multi-Color Quantum Well based LEDs
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed a new method to achieve high performance and high efficiency Group III-Nitride LEDs and lasers. High efficiency emitters in the blue, green and red regime are important for SSL and medical applications. LEDs and lasers based on conventional technology suffer from poor performances, with one of the limitations...
Published: 8/17/2012   |   Inventor(s): Nelson Tansu, Ronald Arif, Yik-Khoon Ee, Hongping Zhao
Keywords(s): Biomedical Applications, DVD lasers, LED, Light Emitting Diodes
Category(s): Electronics
Method to 'write' High-Resolution Single Crystal Architecture on Glass Using Electron Beam
SUMMARY Thermal processing has been extensively used on bulk glass in tempering and glass-ceramic productions. Recently, localized and area selective thermal processing of glass using lasers has gained much interest for emerging applications in optoelectronics and photonics, such as cutting of tempered liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for edge strength....
Published: 7/23/2012   |   Inventor(s): Himanshu Jain, Pradyumna Gupta, Jonathan Poplawsky, Volkmar Dierolf
Keywords(s): Glass, Nanotechnology
Category(s): Electronics
Facile, High Yield Synthesis and Purification of CdS Quantum Dots from Optimized Strains of S. maltophilia
SUMMARY A major barrier to the utilization of quantum dots (QDs) in commercial applications is the high cost associated with conventional chemical synthesis as well as the use of high temperatures and toxic solvents, thereby requiring specialized, expensive waste disposal procedures. Lehigh University has developed an optimized, bacterial-based synthesis...
Published: 8/26/2011   |   Inventor(s): Bryan Berger, Steven Mcintosh
Keywords(s): Efficiency Enhancement, Solid State Displays
Category(s): Energy and Environment, Materials and Nanotechnology, Optical Networking and Sensors, Electronics, Gas/Liquid Treatment
Improved Light Extraction for Solid State Lighting
SUMMARY Lehigh University has developed a new, low-cost method to achieve enhanced light extraction efficiency for III-Nitride LEDs. Conventional LEDs with planar emission surface suffers from limited external quantum efficiency. The large refractive index difference in the semiconductor / air interface results in total internal reflection. This leads...
Published: 6/10/2011   |   Inventor(s): Nelson Tansu, James Gilchrist, Yik-Khoon Ee, Pisist Kumnorkaew, Ronald Arif
Keywords(s): Diagnostic Devices/Treatments, LED, Light Emitting Diodes, Optoelectronic Emitters
Category(s): Electronics
Enhanced Light Emitting Diodes
SUMMARY InGaN based quantum wells (QWs) light-emitting diodes and laser diodes play an important role in solids sate lighting (SSL). As the InGaN QWs are coupled to surface plasmon (SP) mode of metallic film, the radiative recombincation rate can be enhanced due to the increased photon density of states near the SP frequency. Lehigh University has...
Published: 6/10/2011   |   Inventor(s): Nelson Tansu, Hongping Zhao, Guangyu Liu
Keywords(s): Efficiency Enhancement, LED, Light Emitting Diodes
Category(s): Electronics
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