Method to 'write' High-Resolution Single Crystal Architecture on Glass Using Electron Beam


Thermal processing has been extensively used on bulk glass in tempering and glass-ceramic productions. Recently, localized and area selective thermal processing of glass using lasers has gained much interest for emerging applications in optoelectronics and photonics, such as cutting of tempered liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for edge strength.


This technology incorporates part of this method in which one single crystal is formed in a pre-selected region to allow properties of the crystalline phase, low cost of glass fabrication and forming, and optical transparency. However, this technology incorporates the use of an electron beam for lower wavelength and higher resolution, rather than using an optical beam. This technique, an electron beam crystallization method, overcomes the fundamental limitation of laser induced crystallization to create much finer single crystal patterns on glass.


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Many difference methods have been explored over the years for single crystal architectures, especially as the optoelectronics market expands and its end users demand better performing and lower cost products.[1] Market analysts estimate the optoelectronics market, to be around $600 billion, as growth is spurred by demand for more energy efficient technologies and as advanced lighting technologies come to market.[2]


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Lehigh University is ultimately looking to out-license this technology, but is also interest in co-development opportunities.

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