Methanol Oxidation Over Bulk Metal Vanadate Catalysts


A method wherein a methanol-containing gas stream is passed in contact with a catalyst comprising a supported or unsupported bulk vanadate catalyst in the presence of an oxidizing agent for a time sufficient to convert at least a portion of the methanol to formaldehyde (CH2O).

Lehigh TechID# 101007-06


Formaldehyde, which is the product generated by the technology, can be used as a:

  • disinfectant
  • tissue fixative
  • photography


Lehigh is looking to license this technology.

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Utility United States 10/499,447 7,193,117 12/20/2002 3/20/2007 12/20/2022
Life Sciences
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