Microreactor to Produce Hydrogen (Technology #: 121903-01)


Lehigh University has developed a microreactor for carrying out methanol reforming for hydrogen production. The microreactor has parallel micro-channels with a particle filter fabricated on a silicon substrate. This allows for on-chip heating and temperature sensing, trapping of catalyst particles, flow distribution, microfluidic interfacing and thermal isolation. It also consists of radial flow configuration for carrying out reactions between gases. The microreactor can produce hydrogen for up to a 25 Watt fuel cell and multiple microreactors can be used simultaneously for higher power capacities. Potential applications include unmanned vehicles for the military and portable energy sources.


Lehigh Tech ID#121903-01



Hydrogen is said be environmentally friendly and scientists hope that someday it will replace oil and natural glass as an energy source. The U.S. Department of Energy has said that hydrogen production is a priority for research and development, dedicating billions of dollars each year on such efforts. The global hydrogen industry, inducing production and storage, is estimated to be around $39 billion, with the biggest growth sector in fuel cells.[1]


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Lehigh University is interested in identifying co-development partners as well as potential licensees.

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