Carbon Dioxide Capture


Lehigh University has developed a new class of porous organonitridic materials (PECONFs) with an attractive combination of characteristics for gas separation, including removing carbon dioxide from flue gas.  The materials adsorb high amounts of CO2 (up to 3.5 mmol.g-1 at 1 atm and 273 K) and exhibit high selectivities (CO2 : N2 = 109) and heats of adsorption (up to 34 kJ/mol). Their synthesis can be done in simple, easily scalable condensation reactions from relatively inexpensive building blocks. And can be made as mechanically stable monolithic structures.


Lehigh Tech ID# 021910-01



The International Energy Agency has identified reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as an “untapped market.” Gathered statistics from the agency indicated the US has released nearly 6 billion tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Assuming a price of $20 per ton, the world market size for carbon capture exceeds $90 billion.[1],[2] However, this material be applied to all gas separation applications, further expanding market opportunity and potential market share.


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Lehigh University is interested in scaling up the processing of this material with a co-development partner leading to licensing.    

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Patent Cooperation Treaty [PCT] United States PCT/US2011/031936 4/11/2011   4/13/2014
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